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 CHI FLAT IRONSReg Price $199.99
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Farouk CHI Iron

Farouk CHI Iron

CHI Iron - Ceramic Hairstyling Iron
Moist Ceramic Heat with 1" Ceramic Plates & Coils
Ceramic will maintain even temperature all the time
Ceramic will produce negative ions
Seals the cuticle
Repels humidity
Locks in hair color & retards fading
Ceramic Heat will ensure the penetration of the Silk Molecules to the Hair
Traditional copper coil can cause more damage & dry the hair
Ergonomically Design
10 foot heavy duty electrical cord
360 degree Swivel Connection to prevent tangling
On-Off switch on the inside to prevent accidental turn off.
Light weighted
Fits in a standard Curling Iron Station
"Flash heating". 150 -180 degrees in 6-10 seconds
Squeeze sensitive = tighter squeeze will direct more ceramic heat to the hair
Saves energy - CHI only uses 20-25 Watts of Electricity
For straight looks
To prepare dry hair cuts
Circuit breaker for safety
Space age installation = heat is only produced to the Ceramic plates
Exterior will be only warm, not hot
For more information please log on to: http://www.farouk.com

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KMS Flatout

KMS flatout

For those of you with coarse curly, coarse straight or frizzy, unruly hair who are seeking straight and smooth locks.
benefits: relaxing, taming, smoothening and anti-frizz
native, natural ingredients: fig and jojoba- this combination assists in providing smoothness and intense conditioning to the hair
shampoo: a lustrous shampoo that keeps hair sleek, shiny and smooth
conditioner: an intense, velvety conditioner that smoothes hair and keeps it calm
straightening creme: a concentrated creme that controls curls and straightens hair to a smooth finish
smoothing serum: an innovative 3 phase serum that tames frizz, creates amazing smoothness and adds dramatic shine. Created for coarse hair only
hot pressed spray: a working spray created for use with blow dryers and flat irons to straighten curly or wavy hair. Protects from the heat of thermal tools.
anti-humidity spray: an amazing aerosol spray that seals in finished looks and fights humidity

For more information please log on to: www.kmscalifornia.com

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Goldwell Styling

Goldwell Styling

All Goldwell Styling products contain patented FlexShine™ Technology that combines Elastomer, Bamboo Protein and Styling Polymers to create flexible, durable hold and natural, shiny hair.  Patented FlexShine™ technology means that you will never have to worry about product build-up or dull hair.

Products are grouped into 5 results-oriented segments- Natural, Volume, Curl, Straight and Wild with five levels of hold:
1- Controlling and smoothing, minimum hold
2- Gentle, invisible and flexible hold
3- Style support and strong hold
4- Volume and powerful hold
5- Extreme effects, structure and maximum hold

For more information please log on to: www.goldwell-northamerica.com

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KMS Silksheen

KMS silksheen for individuals seeking soft, silky, shiny hair.

Perfect for all hair types, especially dull hair. KMS silksheen creates soft, silky hair with weightless shine using native, natural ingredients -almond and basil. This combination supports in silkening, ehancing shine and protecting hair again environmental damage.

The line includes:
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • leave-in conditioner
  • therapy plus
  • shaping creme
  • gloss spray

For more information please log on to: www.kmscalifornia.com

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KMS California Hair Play

KMS California HairPlay ..... for individuals seeking flexible hold, texture and pliability on any style.

Perfect for all hair types and fun to use!  KMS California HairPlay creates individual styles using native, natural ingredients – Lime and Cilantro.  This combination provides holding power and flexibility to any hair type.
The line includes:
  • texture blast
  • hyper paste
  • molding paste
  • paste up spray
  • soft wax
  • hard wax
For more information please log on to: http://www.kmscalifornia.com/

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KMS HairStay

KMS HairStay for individuals seeking hold and control on any style.

Hair type: all hair types
Benefit: keep it in place with soft to firm hold
Native, natural ingredients: pomegranate/pepper and cranberry/pepper - these combinations help to support the hold and protect the hair against the environment

sculpting lotion
a liquid styling lotion that gently sculpts styles with a soft hold
styling gelan original firm holding gel that never flakes or builds-up
gel wax
a new gel wax that provides the hold of a gel and the pliability of a wax on any wet or dry style
quick finish spray
a non-aerosol fine mist spray that holds hair in place all day long and protects with UV filter
med hold spray
a medium hold aerosol spray with UV filter that provides perfect support to create any style
max hold spray
a maximum hold aerosol spray with UV filter that provides perfect control to finished styles

For more information please log on to: www.kmscalifornia.com

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AG Recoil

AG Hair Cosmetics re:coil curl activator

This definitive curl-activating balm is the answer to all your curly-hair woes.  This versatile styling product is perfect for encouraging and supporting soft, casual waves and creating long-lasting, tousled locks.  AG Hair Cosmetics’ re:coil curl activator produces the “beach hair” look that so many women pine for.
It’s in a league of its own when it comes to fighting frizz and holding up in high humidity.  re:coil delivers excellent results, even with the most resistant of tresses.

Let’s get to the heart of this incomparable styling balm:
• Encourages curl by utilizing magnesium sulfate and cornstarch to maintain curl
• Contains polyquaternium-10 and sodium PCA to add moisture and condition
• Contains panthenol to add volume to the hair by thickening the hair shaft

Here are a few tips to get you started:
• Use as a foundation tool
• Apply to wet (quite wet) hair and thoroughly comb to ensure even distribution
• As an option, twist the hair into separate strands while very wet for a chunky texture

To learn more, go to www.aghaircosmetics.com

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KMS California Dandruff

KMS California HeadRemedy Dandruff Line

A client with color and a dandruff/scalp condition is like oil and water –they don’t mix.  Most dandruff control products are too harsh for daily use and damaging to hair color. 

HeadRemedy Dandruff Shampoo and Dandruff Conditioner not only controls those pesky flakes, the line also calms an itchy, irritated scalp and keeps the scalp in a healthy condition. Plus, unlike most dandruff control products, it also provides the hair with superior conditioning and detangling, while moisturizing the hair, leaving it hydrated and manageable. It's gentle enough for daily use, even for color treated hair.

For more information go to www.kmscalifornia.com
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AG Hair Repair Serum

AG Hair Cosmetics split end spa repair serum

Rejuvenate tired strands and delight damaged locks with this sweet treat. split end spa is the secret to soft hair, ease-free blow drying and long lasting style, loaded with a potent blend of herbal extracts, meadowfoam, sunflower seed extract and AG’s color and radiance enhancing complex.
 “With just a few drops of split end spa, hair is noticeably softer, smoother, and well on its way to recovery.”

To learn more, go to www.aghaircosmetics.com

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AG Hair Holiday Duos

AG Hair Cosmetics' 2009 Holiday Duos

Introducing AG Hair Cosmetics’ 2009 Holiday Duos.  With six solutions for problem hair, these dynamic duos make it easy to find just the right thing for everyone you buy for.  Each holiday pair contains two AG products to target everyday hair issues.

• toning duo – for polishing out unwanted brassiness from blond, highlighted and silver hair, AG’s sterling silver shampoo and conditioner will do the trick

• colour protection duo – protect and prolong fresh, holiday hair color with AG’s color savour sulfate-free shampoo and colour protection conditioner

• lightweight duo – AG’s tech one daily shampoo and fast food leave on conditioner gently cleanse, moisturize and add body to dry, lifeless hair

• invigorating duo – AG’s peppermint wash and stimulating balm moisturize, cleanse and enrich hair and scalp

• protein rich duo – restore protein and moisture to hair damaged by color, heat styling, sun and perms with AG’s tech two colour treatment shampoo and light daily conditioner

• travel duo – for those on the go, AG’s protein rich duo comes in a travel size.  Perfect for travel, ideal for stocking stuffers, AG’s protein rich pack provides instant therapy and restores protein and moisture to hair while on the go

For more information, please visit www.aghaircosmetics.com.
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Is your hair looking a little bit “under the weather” these days?  Why not bring it back to life with the new Moroccanoil™ product line. 
Moroccanoil™ was created by Carmen Tal after her sister-in-law took her to a small salon in Israel.  After leaving the hair feeling soft, shiny, silky, smooth and manageable, Carmen set out to discover what could have left her hair feeling so wonderful.  What she found was the product that was treating her hair was actually argan oil.  This oil, which women in Morocco have been using for centuries to treat their hair, nails and skin, is the foundation behind the Moroccanoil™ line.
Argan oil comes from the argan tree, a remarkable gift from nature found growing only in Southwest Morocco. It flourishes in the desert-like conditions, producing large nuts that hold up to three almond-shaped kernels, which are the source of this miraculous oil.  Argan oil offers numerous benefits to the hair and scalp. It is rich in:
  • Vitamin F (Omega 6), an unsaturated fatty acid composed primarily of linoleic and oleic acids, which help keep the hair and scalp moisturized and supple;
  • Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, UV protector and free radical neutralizer. Argan oil contains twice the vitamin E of olive oil;
  • Vitamin A, which strengthens the hair and increases the hair's and skin's elasticity;
  • Phenols, which provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, to help prevent damage caused by the environment;
  • Tocopherols, which work like vitamin E as powerful antioxidants.

To learn more go to www.moroccanoil.com
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Biolage Fortetheripie, THIS IS AMAZING STUFF!!!!!!!

Matrix BIOLAGE fortethérapie

 Biolage can make your hair luscious and strong with the new and improved fortethérapie range.  Daily styling, chemical services and harsh treatments, not to mention the hot summer sun, can takes a toll on hair’s overall condition and appearance.  Originally developed to cater to Brazilian babes who tend to have more coarse hair, Biolage fortethérapie provides a major breakthrough in strengthening damaged or chemically-treated hair that is medium to coarse in texture. 
It’s a powerful formula with VitaForce Technology, a patented formula that consists of bamboo, guarana, mango seed oil extracts and ceramides that combine to create a mega-cocktail of nutrients for the hair.  The Intensive Strengthening Masque is Biolage’s strongest reparative conditioner yet.  Used before a chemical service, it can actually counteract the damaging effects of the service itself.  The end result is soft, supple shiny hair that is strong and radiant. 

BIOLAGE fortethérapie Ingredients:
Ceramide – instantly repairs existing damage done to hair and fortifies hair’s inner structure
Bamboo – helps protect the hair to resist future damage by building a shield against future breakage and strengthen hair before chemical services
Mango Seed Oil – obtained during the processing of mango butter, this semi solid oil provides natural moisture for silky. shiny hair with controlled finish and increased manageability

To learn more, go to www.biolage.com
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Goldwell Dualsenses

Goldwell dualsenses

Goldwell dualsenses is a new product line that’s designed to power up in-salon and at-home haircare with results that clients can see and feel—instantly. Six separate haircare segments cater to any hair type and condition. Innovative Instant Microfluid Technology covers hair with an ultra-fine fluid, allowing ingredients to deeply and evenly penetrate the hair and work to their maximum benefit and the leave-in products offer quick and easy application with maximum results in just 60 seconds!
The six haircare segments feature specially developed System-Technology to offer individually tailored haircare products for the results each client desires most:
Ultra Volume: For fine to normal hair. Gives visibly enhanced volume and a feeling of having more hair.
Rich Repair: For dry, damaged or stressed hair. Gives a visibly enhanced healthy shine and a smooth, silky hair feeling.
Color: For color-treated, fine to normal hair. Gives visibly more color brilliance and hair that’s light and natural to touch.
Color extra rich: Gives visibly more color brilliance and extra care to color-treated, damaged, demanding hair.
Curly Twist: For curly or wavy hair. Helps maintain visibly bundled, shiny curls full of bounce and elasticity.
Scalp Regulation: Your professional, dermatologically tested solutions to scalp problems leave hair and scalp with a visibly healthy shine and a noticeably improved feeling.

To learn more, go to www.goldwell-northamerica.com

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Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Moroccanoil® Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

The Moroccanoil® brand, the originator and leader in professional luxury Argan Oil-infused hair care products, has just launched its highly anticipated Moroccanoil® Moisture Repair Shampoo and Moisture Repair Conditioner.  The new products contain the revolutionary Argan Oil-infused blend, the main ingredient in their legendary, can’t-live-without Moroccanoil® Treatment.
Moroccanoil® Moisture Repair Shampoo  This exceptionally rich formula gently cleanses, protects and improves hair’s condition and repairs color treated or damaged hair, leaving it soft, smooth, shiny and full of body.  In addition to the luxurious Argan Oil blend, Moisture Repair Shampoo also contains Avocado Oil, antioxidant plant extracts, Silk amino acids, keratin, proteins and other nutrients.
Moroccanoil® Moisture Repair Conditioner  This potent, sumptuous conditioner gently detangles, reconstructs and strengthens weak, damaged and color treated hair.  A high concentration of Argan Oil, vitamin E, essential fatty acids, vegetable protein and antioxidant plant extracts work on two molecular levels to penetrate moisture to the cortex and cuticle of the hair shaft.
Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner are free of sulfates, phosphates and parabens and are not tested on animals.  For more information on this and other Moroccanoil® products please visit www.moroccanoil.com.

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Joico Holiday Gift Sets!!


Harsh winter weather can really take a toll on tresses.  Whether it’s the cold and wind or the constant styling demands of holiday parties, winter always seems to strip and damage hair.  This holiday season, JOICO offers some relief with fun holiday sets perfect for under the tree (or as a gift to you!)  Choose from the K-PAK Holiday Trio, the K-PAK Holiday Clutch Set.
For more information, please visit www.joico.com.

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oil 300x300 MOROCCANOIL Product Review
This treatment is suitable for all hair types. As with all Moroccanoil products this treatment contains Argan Oil.
Argan Oil is only found in Southwest Morocco and it provides some wonderful benefits to your hair. It is a powerful antioxidant, UV protector and free radical neutralizer. It is also very rich in vitamins that help to strengthen hair and increase it’s elasticity.
This Moroccanoil treatment is very easy to use. You just simply apply a small amount (about the size of a silver dollar) into damp, clean hair and work it through. Then you can style your hair as usual. The oil is very light weight and it doesn’t leave any residue once you have styled your hair.
It will revive, strengthen and condition your hair all at once. It even reduces your drying time. This oil treatment absorbs into your hair almost immediately.
Moroccanoil is alcohol free and it is nice to know that none of their products contain any animal ingredients. In fact no products or ingredients are ever tested on animals.
Moroccanoil treatment is perfect for over processed hair that is showing damage. It has the ability to restore the look of damaged hair and leaves you with natural, silky hair that has a great finish.

You can purchase MOROCCANOIL at S & A Beauty Supplies, on King George Rd, Brantford, Ontario
or you can find us on Moraccanoil Salon Locator Map  ( just type in Brantford, Ontario in the search box )

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