Monday, November 1, 2010

Biolage Fortetheripie, THIS IS AMAZING STUFF!!!!!!!

Matrix BIOLAGE fortethérapie

 Biolage can make your hair luscious and strong with the new and improved fortethérapie range.  Daily styling, chemical services and harsh treatments, not to mention the hot summer sun, can takes a toll on hair’s overall condition and appearance.  Originally developed to cater to Brazilian babes who tend to have more coarse hair, Biolage fortethérapie provides a major breakthrough in strengthening damaged or chemically-treated hair that is medium to coarse in texture. 
It’s a powerful formula with VitaForce Technology, a patented formula that consists of bamboo, guarana, mango seed oil extracts and ceramides that combine to create a mega-cocktail of nutrients for the hair.  The Intensive Strengthening Masque is Biolage’s strongest reparative conditioner yet.  Used before a chemical service, it can actually counteract the damaging effects of the service itself.  The end result is soft, supple shiny hair that is strong and radiant. 

BIOLAGE fortethérapie Ingredients:
Ceramide – instantly repairs existing damage done to hair and fortifies hair’s inner structure
Bamboo – helps protect the hair to resist future damage by building a shield against future breakage and strengthen hair before chemical services
Mango Seed Oil – obtained during the processing of mango butter, this semi solid oil provides natural moisture for silky. shiny hair with controlled finish and increased manageability

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