Tuesday, November 2, 2010

KMS California Dandruff

KMS California HeadRemedy Dandruff Line

A client with color and a dandruff/scalp condition is like oil and water –they don’t mix.  Most dandruff control products are too harsh for daily use and damaging to hair color. 

HeadRemedy Dandruff Shampoo and Dandruff Conditioner not only controls those pesky flakes, the line also calms an itchy, irritated scalp and keeps the scalp in a healthy condition. Plus, unlike most dandruff control products, it also provides the hair with superior conditioning and detangling, while moisturizing the hair, leaving it hydrated and manageable. It's gentle enough for daily use, even for color treated hair.

For more information go to www.kmscalifornia.com
Taken from Behind The Chair http://www.behindthechair.com/displayproduct.aspx?ID=800&ITID=1

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