Friday, May 20, 2011

How to Apply Crackle Nail Polish

Step 1:  Start with clean nails and apply your base coat
Step 2:  Apply your nail color as usual.  Depending on the colors your use, you can get away with using a single coat as long as it’s even.  While skipping the top, allow your nails to completely dry.  You need the polish to dry so the crack polish doesn’t penetrate to the nail color and dissolve it.  Your manicure will look splotchy.
Step 3:  Apply a thin coat of crack polish, making sure not to go over the same section more than once.
Step 4 (optional):  Depending on the brand of crack polish you use, this step is optional.  OPI “Black Shatter” has a matte black finish so you can leave it matte or apply a topcoat for a high gloss finish.

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