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Healthy Hair is in the Air

March 1st, 2011

hairstyle Conventional blow dryers give and they also take away. They give hair smooth, controlled body and style as they dry. At the same time, though, they deplete moisture and hair strength. But the revolutionary new Joico K-PAK Quadraion PRO-Dryer gives hair plenty of smooth, beautiful control…and takes nothing away. In fact, thanks to an infusion Keratin found in Joico’s unique Quadramine Complex® technology, combined with negative ion technology, moisture is restored, frizz is reduced and strands are actually conditioned during the drying process.“This is the first and only dryer infused with Keratin found in Joico’s proprietary Quadramine Complex,” says Melody Lyman, Joico Marketing Manager/Appliances.

At the heart of the new dyer is the revolutionary Quadraion Technology, which fuses the healthy, restorative benefits of the Keratin found in Joico’s K-PAK Quadramine Complex with the power of moisturizing negative ions. The ions are produced inside the PRO-Dryer itself, through its own negative ion-generator. These combined technologies lock down surface strand cuticles, which results in amplified shine, quicker drying time, reduced frizz and significantly less damage. Hair looks shiny, healthy and bouncy after every dry.

Advanced Design
The sleek exterior and advanced features of the K-PAK Quadraion PRO-Dryer complement the modern performance technology. At just 14.8 ounces, and with a comfortable, ergonomic design, the tool is easy to use and won’t strain arms, hands or wrists. A powerful 1600 watt motor makes the dryer suitable for every hair type. Two speeds, three heat settings and a cool shot button are all controlled by unique, flat, sliding switches which ensure that settings won’t shift during use. The dryer grill is the source of the Quadramine complex, which is activated by the warm air; and ceramic-infused heating coils offer a second source of negative ions. Fans of Joico’s popular K-PAK collection—including last year’s wildly successful launch of the K-PAK ReconstRx VaporIron, the first restorative thermal styling tool from the Joico appliance division--will also applaud the signature K-PAK pearlized taupe hue.

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